Customizing your profile

When logged in, you can customize your profile according to your preferences.

You can select the interface language by clicking Language settings. B2BinPay supports several languages so there will be no problem choosing the most convenient one.

You can also customize the appearance of the interface by selecting the dark theme or synchronizing the theme with your OS.

To configure the appearance of your profile, navigate to Control panel and select the desired option:

  • Check Sync theme with OS settings — the light/dark theme will synchronize automatically to the theme settings of your operating system.

  • Activate Dark theme switch to enable the dark theme. The dark theme is unavailable when the sync theme is enabled.


On the Wallets, Transfers, Invoices and Payouts pages, you can also set up the visibility of the fields and arrange them in a desired order. To do this, click the filter button near the page name and check the fields you want to be displayed on the page. Then click the six dots button and drag and drop the selected field to the desired place in the list of fields.


If the the field checkbox is grey, you cannot remove it from the display. However, you still can change the place of such field on the screen according to your preferences.