How to create an exchange

Exchanges are available only for wallets with positive balance.

  1. Navigate to Exchanges.

  2. Click Create new exchange.

  3. Fill out the form:

  • Wallet (from) — select the debiting wallet.

  • Wallet (to) — select the crediting wallet.

  • Exchange rates — exchange rates are displayed after selecting the wallets. Rates have expiration time after which they will be updated.

  • Amount (from) — enter the amount in the currency of debiting. You can also add all the amount from your wallet by toggling the Select all funds for exchange switch.

  • Amount (to) — enter the amount in the currency of crediting.


Since wallets with 0 balances cannot be selected for the exchange, they are displayed at the end of the wallets list when filling out the Amount (from) and Amount (to) fields.

You can leave either the Amount (from) or Amount (to) field blank — the value will be calculated automatically based on the rates.

The values in the Amount (from) and Amount (to) fields should be greater than or equal to the Minimal transfer amount.

  1. Click Exchange.

After clicking Exchange, a confirmation window with the exchange details appears. ßßCheck the information and click Yes to confirm your exchange.

Refer to Exchanges for more details.