API overview

General information

The B2BinPay API is organized in accordance with JSON API paradigm. For a better understanding of the paradigm principles, read the JSON API Specification.

We use conventional HTTP response codes, OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication, and HMAC-SHA256 algorithm for encryption.

All methods are private. All requests except for Obtain token and Refresh token should contain HTTP header: Authorization: Bearer <Access Token>.

According to JSON API Specification, all requests should contain HTTP header: Content-Type: application/vnd.api+json.

CRUD operations

Via the B2BinPay API you can get access to all the main entities of the payment system:

  • Wallets — read-only

  • Currencies — read-only

  • Transfers — read-only

  • Rates — read-only

  • Invoices — read/write access

  • Payouts — read/write access


Filters by object parameters can be applied to any GET-method according to the JSON API Specification.


The B2BinPay API also provides flexible options for callback — an asynchronous notification about changing statuses of deposits and payouts.

To receive a callback, specify a callback URL when sending a Create invoice or Create payout request. When a transaction receives the required number of confirmation blocks, the callback is sent via an HTTP POST-request to the specified URL. If you also want to be notified when the number of confirmations received for a transaction doesn’t reach a specific threshold or exceeds it, indicate the required number of confirmations in the request.

API rate limits and accessibility

The number of requests to the endpoint without prior authentication is limited to 70 per 1 minute.

To check the network availability of the system, use the /ping endpoint without authorization headers.

Base URLs