How to grant access to your wallet

You can grant access to your Enterprise and Merchant wallets to other members of your team.


Only users with the Owner role can grant access to wallets.

To grant access:

  1. Go to Wallet management > Wallets.

  2. Select a wallet to which you want to share access and click the gear icon to navigate to wallet details.

  3. In the Access rights section, click Invite user.

  4. In the Invite new user popup, enter the email address of a user to which you want to grant access and select a user role. You can change the role anytime. Refer to User roles for more details.

  5. Click Confirm to invite the user.

The user will receive an email invitation with a link to activate access to the wallet.

You can revoke access anytime in the wallet settings by deleting the user from the access list.

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