Creating a wallet

To start using your B2BinPay, you should create at least one wallet. For more details about wallet creation, refer to How to create a wallet.

Right after the wallet has been created, it has the In progress status which will be changed to Active (normally within a couple of minutes).

Once your first wallet is active, you can create an unlimited number of wallets in any currencies.

Do not forget to manage access rights and security options for every wallet. For the detailed information about the security of your wallets, refer to Account security.

Make sure to meet the following requirements for a wallet:

  • Your first created wallet should be a coin wallet.

  • To create a custom token wallet, you should create a custom token first. For more information about creating a custom token, refer to How to create a custom token.

  • To create a wallet in tokens, you have to link it to a parent wallet in coins.

  • To activate a wallet with ETH, XRP, XLM, BNB or BNB-BSC currencies, you have to make a deposit to your wallet. The deposit address is available in the Wallet address field in the wallet settings. The deposited amount will be blocked and your wallet will be assigned Active status. The amount being deposited depends on the chosen currency and can be changed.