Create a wallet

To start using B2BinPay, you need to create your first wallet.

With B2BinPay, you can create any number of wallets in any currencies.


Make sure that you have properly configured security settings and access permissions for each newly created wallet.

When creating wallets for different kinds of assets, consider the following:

  • The first wallet that you create must be for coins.

  • To set up a wallet for tokens, you need to link it with a parent wallet for coins.

  • To activate a wallet for ETH, XRP, XLM, BNB or BNB-BSC currencies, make a deposit to your wallet.

    The amount that needs to be deposited may vary depending on the selected currency.

    The deposit address is displayed in the Wallet address field in the wallet settings.

    While the transaction is in progress, the amount deposited is temporarily blocked and your wallet status is set to Active.