Customize the user interface and navigate between pages

Navigate between pages

Use the main menu displayed at the top of the screen to navigate across platform pages.

Access language settings and the configuration menu

At the top of B2BinPay pages, you can find a top bar providing the following options:

  • the localization menu that allows you to select a preferred user interface language

  • the configuration menu that provides quick access to the following pages

You can click the configuration menu to access the B2BinPay settings:

  • Notifications — on this page, you can view personal and system notifications, as well as manage notification settings.

  • Custom tokens — on this page, you can create and configure custom tokens by specifying the following settings:

    • Alpha — the alpha-code assigned to a custom token

    • Wallet — the wallet from which a monthly payment is debited (can be changed after the custom token is created)

    • ISO — the numeric code of a custom token

    • Status — if active, the payment will be debited automatically; if inactive, the custom token will not be processed

  • API access — on this page, you can manage API access to your wallets and transactions.

  • Logins and sessions — on this page, you can find a log of user sessions, which includes the user email and location, along with the device fingerprint data and precise date and time when a user was logged in.

  • Access list — on this page, you can manage access to your wallets by other persons.

    Click a user in the list to view the wallets shared with this person. The user details include information about the assigned user roles along with a log of user sessions and actions made with a wallet.

    To learn more, see Configure security settings and access permissions.

  • Sync theme with OS settings — enable this option to switch between the light and dark themes automatically based on the current theme settings of your operating system.

  • Dark theme — when theme synchronization is disabled, you can toggle this switch to apply the dark theme.

  • Guide — use this option for a quick introduction to the B2BinPay user interface.

  • Settings — on this page, you can find the following options to configure access to your user profile:

  • Logout — click this button to log out from B2BinPay.

Configure table layout

You can sort page data in the ascending, descending or alphabetical order by clicking the arrow icon displayed near a sorting field caption.

The layout of data tables is configurable on most of the B2BinPay pages, allowing you to reorder the columns and display or hide any column according to your preferences.

To arrange table columns, click the parameters button displayed in the top left part of the page above a data table. You can drag the columns in the list to change their order, as well as hide or display selected columns.

Export page data

On most of the B2BinPay pages, you can find the Export button located above a table displaying data. Click this button to export page data to a CSV or XLSX file.