Use HelpDesk to get assistance

To report any issues related to B2BinPay operation, you can contact our Support Team using HelpDesk.

You can access it on any page by clicking the headset icon in the upper right part of the screen.

To report an issue, do the following:

  1. Click Create ticket and provide the following information:

  • Subject (required) — the subject of the issue

  • Describe your issue / question (required) — the detailed description of the issue

  • Attach files — any screenshots, documents or videos (up to 10 items) that may help our Support Team reproduce the issue

  1. Click Create Ticket to report the issue and be notified by email after it is resolved.

All issues reported by you are displayed in the HelpDesk ticket list, with the following information provided about each support ticket:

  • status (opened or closed)

  • ID

  • date and time of creation

  • subject

  • issue description.

You can filter the ticket list using quick search:

  • by Subject — start typing words from the issue subject

  • by Message — start typing words from the issue description

Click a ticket in the list to open a chat and discuss the issue with a Support Team member.

After the issue is resolved, the ticket is closed by a Support Team member, or you can close it yourself by clicking the Close button displayed in the ticket pane.

Click Open to reopen a ticked and inform our Support Team that you need further assistance with the issue.