How to create a bank withdrawal

To make a Bank Withdrawal you should provide your account manager with your bank account requisites. Bank withdrawals are available for fiat wallets only.

  1. Navigate to Payouts.

  2. Click Create a new bank withdrawal.

  3. Select the type of a bank withdrawal:

  • One-time withdrawal — a one-time withdrawal of the specified amount after the withdrawal creation.

  • Regular withdrawal when the amount is reached — scheduled withdrawal of funds.

  1. Fill out the form:

  • Requisite — from the drop-down list, select the requisites of the bank account the funds will be credited to.

  • Wallet — select the wallet, from which you want to withdraw funds.

  • Amount — enter the amount to be withdrawn.

  • Amount to be withdrawn — withdrawal amount minus commission. Commission is calculated automatically depending on the withdrawal amount. It is displayed in percents or in the withdrawal currency right under the Amount to be withdrawn field.

If the bank withdrawal is a Regular withdrawal when the amount is reached, select the amount type:

  • Fixed amount — if the specified amount is less than the amount of funds on the wallet, the withdrawal is performed.

  • Changing amount — specify the following options:

    • Minimum non-reducible balance — minimum amount that should be left on the wallet after the withdrawal.

    • Minimum withdrawal amount — minimum amount that can be withdrawn.

  1. Click Save.

Refer to Payouts for more details.