How to create a custom token

B2BinPay charges no commission for processing of custom tokens, but you have to pay for every custom token on a monthly basis — on the 1st of each month the payment is debited from the selected wallet. In case of non-payment, the custom token processing stops.

Custom tokens can be created on the following blockchains:

  • Ethereum

  • Binance Smart Chain

  • Tron

To create a custom token, perform the following:

  1. Navigate to Control panel > Custom tokens.

  2. Click New custom token.

  3. Fill out the form:

  • Wallet — a wallet from which a monthly payment is debited (can be changed after the token is created).

  • Token type — custom token blockchain.

  • Contract — custom token ID in blockchain.

  • Alpha — alpha-code assigned to the :custom token.

  1. Toggle the Is active switch to activate your custom token.

  2. Click Save.

To view the detailed information about the created custom token navigate to Control panel > Custom tokens and click the Details.

After your custom token is created, you can create a wallet nominated in the custom token.