How to create a wallet

  1. Navigate to Wallets > All wallets.

  2. Click New Wallet.

  3. Fill out the form:

  • Currency — required field: select the wallet currency from the list of available currencies or create your custom token following the link in the subscription below the field. Mind that this value cannot be changed after the wallet is created.

  • Parent wallet — a wallet in tokens always requires a parent wallet in coins. This means that each token wallet should be linked to a coin wallet. Mind that it is impossible to link two token wallets to one parent coin wallet. For successful transactions of tokens in ETH, BNB and TRX blockchains, you need to have minimum required amount of funds on the parent wallet (refer to Wallet settings for specific values).

  • Label — enter the name of the wallet. The label of the wallet is displayed in the list and is used for a quick search. It can be any name convenient for you.

  1. If needed, set the Advanced options:

  • Minimal transfer amount — the system will not automatically accept payments less than the specified amount (in wallet currency). This can be useful if the transaction fee exceeds the transaction amount. In this case, the callback will not be sent, you will see a new transfer with Cancelled status on the Transfers page (refer to Transfers for more details). You will also receive a notification in the Events: here you can confirm and accept such transfers manually. You can set a minimal transfer amount manually while creating a new wallet. Otherwise, a minimal transfer amount is set automatically after a new wallet is created. The value of the automatically set minimal transfer amount amount is valid for the moment of creation of a certain wallet. This value can be changed or deleted manually after the wallet is created.

  • Notification addresses — a comma-separated list of email addresses, to which notifications about new transactions and other operations with the wallet are sent.

  1. Click Save.


When created, your new wallet is assigned the In progress status for several minutes. This is required for the wallet to be registered in the system. While in progress, the wallet cannot be used for any transfers.

To activate a wallet with ETH, XRP, XLM or BNB currencies, you should make a deposit to your wallet. The depositing address is available in the Wallet address field in the wallet settings. The deposited amount will be blocked, and your wallet will be assigned Active status. The depositing amount depends on the chosen currency and may vary.