How to enable 2FA

  1. Navigate to Control panel > Settings.

  2. Check 2FA enabled, then click Next.

  3. Select a confirmation method out of the two methods that we support:

  • Google Authenticator: download and install Google authenticator application and scan the QR code or enter the secret key to set up your account on your device. After this, you will be able to view the account, and the application will generate a 6-digit code. Enter the code to the Verify code field to complete the set up. Make sure to click the Verify button before the code expires. For the proper verification process, your server time has to be in sync with NTP server to function properly. Google Authenticator app is available in Google Play and AppStore.

  • Email confirmation: your email address will be used to send temporary codes. Please, make sure you have access to your email.

  1. Click Save.