How to freeze and unfreeze funds on TRX wallets

You can freeze a certain amount of funds on your TRX wallet in order to restore Tron blockchain resources such as bandwidth points and energy. Freezing is possible for 72 hours. After the resources are restored, you can unfreeze the funds, they will be returned to your wallet in full.

  1. Navigate to Wallets and select the wallet holding TRX (use filtering by currency if needed).

  2. Navigate to the wallet details by clicking the wallet ID.

  3. Navigate to the Resources tab and fill in the following fields:

  • in the Amount field, enter the amount of funds you want to freeze, or click Select all funds to freeze all the funds available in the wallet.

  • in the Freezing for field, select the resource you want to restore — Bandwidth points or Energy. It is impossible to select both options at the same time.

  1. Toggle the switch to confirm that you want to freeze the selected amount of funds.

  2. Click Freeze funds.

In the Frozen funds section, you can view the following:

Last stake time

The date and time when the resources were last frozen. If you have already frozen funds to get a certain TRX resource, but you want to freeze more funds to get the same resource, the date when you can unfreeze all your frozen funds is changed to the date of your last funds freezing.

Resource type

The type of the resource for which the funds were frozen (bandwidth points or energy).


The amount of TRX resources.

Frozen funds

The amount of frozen funds.


Click the button to unfreeze funds. You can unfreeze your funds after 72 hours. Until that time the button is disabled.