Payouts are withdrawals of funds from your wallets.

Key points

  • Each transaction requires a certain number of confirmations in the blockchain.

  • The processing speed of a transaction in the blockchain depends on the blockchain fee amount. You can choose the fee amount when creating a payout.

  • Information about new transfers associated with a deposit can be sent to your system via a callback.

  • Each transaction can be assigned a special identifier by which the transaction can be tracked in your system.

Payouts list


The payout identifier. This is a link to the payout details.


The date and time of payout creation.


The payout name.


Label of the wallet from which funds are withdrawn. This is a link to the wallet details.


Destination address. This is a link to the explorer.


The payout currency (including tokens and custom tokens).

Tracking ID

Identifier of the payment in the client system.


The payment amount in the wallet currency.


The commission for the payment.

Charged amount

The total withdrawn amount, which is calculated as follows: amount + commission + blockchain fee (if it is not included in the amount).


The date and time of payout update.

Payout details

To access Payout details, click the payout ID on the payouts list page.

The Payout details page includes two tabs: Info and Log.

The Info tab contains the essential payout information:


The wallet from which the funds are withdrawn.


The wallet address of the receiver of the payment. This is a link to the explorer.


The payout currency.


The payout amount.


Total payout amount including commissions and fees.


The transaction processing fee.

The Advanced options section

Additional payout settings. The section contains the following fields:


The payout name.

Tracking ID

Identifier of the payment in the client system.

Callback URL

URL for callback notifications on payouts. Such notifications may contain templates. To find out more about the templates, refer to How to create a payout.

Required block confirmations for callback

Number of confirmations needed to receive an additional callback. If this field is not blank, two callbacks are sent: upon receiving the number of confirmations specified here and upon receiving the number of confirmations specified in the system settings.

The Transactions section

A list of transactions. Transaction IDs are links to transfers details (refer to Transfer details for more details).

The Log tab contains the payout history:

Created at

The date and time of the action.


The field can have one of the following values:

  • System — system actions.

  • API — actions performed via the system API.

  • email address — actions performed by a specific user via the system user interface.


A particular reason for the action. The field can have the following values:

  • Created — the payout has been created

  • Changed — the payout has been changed

  • Deleted — the payout has been deleted


The description of the action.

Old value

Previous state of the payout.

Actual value

Current state of the payout.