Sign up and log in

To start using B2BinPay, you need to sign up and pass a simple KYC accreditation test for verifying your email and mobile phone number. For a step-by-step tutorial, refer to How to sign up for the payment system .

To log in to B2BinPay, enter your username and password. If you previously enabled 2FA, enter the 2FA verification code sent to you by email or using the Google Authenticator app.


We strongly suggest that you enable 2FA for better protection of your account. For a step-by-step tutorial, refer to How to enable 2FA.

When enabling 2FA, we recommend using Google Authenticator as a more reliable option, since accessing your email is easier for third-parties than taking physical possession of your device.

Please remember that losing your device or being unable to enter the secret code results in losing access to your account.

To restore the access, contact your account manager and provide all the documents needed to verify your identity.