Wallets are accounts nominated in crypto. We provide flexible options to customize your wallets and notifications.

Key points

  • Wallet currency is specified when the wallet is created and cannot be changed.

  • Active wallets can be used to deposit and withdraw funds.

  • You can create any number of wallets.

  • You can provide access to the wallet to other users and limit the access using permissions.

  • You can freeze and unfreeze funds on TRX wallets to restore Tron blockchain resources.

Wallet statuses

  • Not active — the wallet is available in a Read Only mode.

  • In progress — the wallet is now being registered in the system and currently unavailable.

  • Active — the wallet has been activated and can be used to create deposits and payouts.

Wallets list


The system identifier of a wallet, generated automatically when the wallet is created.


The name of the wallet.

Balance confirmed

The available balance that can currently be used for payouts.


The sum of all incoming and outgoing transactions that have not yet received a confirmation. The value is positive for deposits and negative for payouts. This balance cannot currently be used for transfers.


The wallet currency (including tokens and custom tokens).


The current status of the wallet. For more information, refer to Wallet statuses.


Click this button to switch to the Creating Exchange page of the Exchange tab, where you can exchange currencies between your wallets. The From field is automatically filled in with the name of the selected wallet.


Click this button to view wallet details (such as public address) or change wallet settings. For more information, refer to Wallet settings.

Wallet settings

To access Wallet settings, click the wallet ID or the Settings button on the wallets list page.

The Wallet settings page includes two tabs: Info and Log.

The Info tab contains all the essential wallet info:


The wallet currency. This value cannot be changed.

Parent wallet

A wallet in coins to which a token wallet is linked. You can link only one token wallet to a parent coin wallet. For successful transactions of tokens in ETH, BNB and TRX blockchains, you need to have minimum required amount of funds on the parent wallet:

  • for TRX — 50 TRX

  • for BNB — 0.0009 BNB-BSC

  • for ETH — flexible amount from 0.01 to 0.05


The name of the wallet.

Wallet address

The public wallet address that can be used to directly top up wallet balance. This value cannot be changed. To copy the address, click the Copy button in the right corner of the field.

The Advanced options section

Additional wallet settings. The section contains the following fields:

Minimal transfer amount

The system will not automatically accept payments below the specified amount (in wallet currency). This can be useful if the transaction blockchain fee exceeds the transaction amount. In this case, the callback will not be sent, you will see a new transfer with Cancelled status on the Transfers page (refer to Transfers for details). You will also receive a notification in the Events where you can confirm and accept such transfers manually.

Notification addresses

A comma-separated list of email addresses to which new transaction notifications are sent.


This option allows you to copy your wallet blockchain address to another blockchain, meaning that you will have the same addresses for two different currencies. This way you can prevent sending assets to a wrong blockchain by a mistake on behalf of a sender. You can duplicate the address only once and only for ETH/BSC currencies.

Access Rights In this section you can manage permissions for users who have access to the wallet (refer to How to grant access to your wallet, How to restrict access to your wallet for details). Here you can grant users access to a specific wallet. For more information about managing user access to all your wallets, refer to Configure security settings and access permissions.


The wallet history:

Created at

The date and time of an action.


The field can have one of the following values:

  • System — system actions, such as wallet creation or status change.

  • API — actions performed via the system API.

  • Email address — actions performed by a specific user via the system user interface.


A particular reason for the action. The field can have the following values:

  • Created — the wallet has been created.

  • Changed — the wallet has been changed.

  • Deleted — the wallet has been deleted.


The description of the action.

Old value

Previous state of the wallet.

Actual value

Current state of the wallet.