Release Notes

November 16, 2021

New Features

  • New currencies are added. The currencies are available for Enterprise users only.

  • New Monero XMR currency is added. It is available both for Enterprise and Merchant users.


  • The limitation for number of requests without prior authentication to the endpoint is now limited to 70 requests per 1 minute.

October 21, 2021

New Features

  • A new Risk Status tag is added to the Transfer details page. This field indicates the status of the AML verification of the transfer:

    • the tag is orange if the AML is successful

    • blue if AML is pending

    • red if AML failed

    • grey if AML is unavailable

  • Tags are displayed now for token wallets on the Wallets, Deposits, Payouts and Exchanges pages.


  • Merchant users can now specify Tag and Tag Type fields when creating a payout with XLM and XRP currencies.

  • When clicking on the Exchange button on the Wallets list page, you are redirected to the Creating Exchange page with the selected wallet already filled in the From field.

  • The payment page for tokens now has 2 links: one link for the payment address and the other link for the contract.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue which caused redirecting to the Wallet Details instead of Log when clicking on the Log button at the Access List section.

  • Fixed an issue that enabled funds withdrawal from a fiat wallet to a crypto wallet for Merchant users.

  • Fixed an issue due to which the link to the explorer was absent on the Deposit payment page.

  • Fixed an issue due to which on the Transfers page an Unknown type transfers were displayed when selecting the Side collecting funds in the Type filter.

  • Fixed an issue due to which the payment currencies and “No currencies available” message were displayed simultaneously on the Payment page.

  • Fixed an issue due to which the Payouts commission was not recalculated in the payout currency.

  • Fixed an issue due to which it was possible to create a token payout when there was not enough funds on the parent wallet.

  • Fixed an issue that caused multiple notifications for one operation on a wallet.

August 31, 2021

New Features

  • Integration with Tron blockchain is added, as well as new currencies such as Tron, USDT-TRX, USDC-TRX.

  • New Merchant User role is added.

  • New Bank Withdrawal feature is added to the Payout tab, which allows withdrawing fiat funds immediately or creating a conditional schedule. Bank Withdrawal is available for fiat wallets and for Merchant users only.

  • New ETH and BSC tokens are added.


  • New risk_status field is added to the Transfer Object, so that clients can check transfer AML status.

  • DASH integration is updated. Latest version of DASH allows you to create multiple wallets per node.

  • Unverified users now can log in to a private area and pass verification later.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue which caused wrong error code for API when obtaining token more than 15 times within 1 minute.

  • Fixed an issue which caused an error when navigating to the Payouts and Deposits tabs.

  • Fixed an issue which caused a false check of fee and payout amount when validating token payouts.

  • Fixed an issue due to which it was impossible to create a token payout with the sufficient amount of funds.

  • Fixed an issue which caused troubles with changing password or enabling 2FA.

  • Fixed an issue due to which it was impossible to create a deposit with a number of confirmation blocks from 13 to 20.

  • Fixed an issue which caused multiple callback notifications in the Event section when creating a payout with callback.

August 04, 2021


  • Reworked the logic of the Exchange process. Now rates are recalculated if the transaction takes more than 15 minutes, and the final amount is updated according to the current quote. Also the notification about the rate change is sent.

  • Lowered minimal activation amount for BSC to 0.025 BNB.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue due to which it was possible to set the amount less than the Minimal transfer amount when creating an exchange.

  • Fixed an issue due to which BEP20 was not displayed in the list of token types.

  • Fixed an issue due to which the Export button worked incorrectly.

July 07, 2021

New Features

  • User verification by phone number

    Added a new verification step — verification of the user’s phone number, which follows the email verification step and is mandatory.


  • Added filter by tokens. To filter by currency, a user can now select the tokens and custom tokens on the Wallets, Transfers, Deposits, and Payouts pages.

  • Reworked the logic of the Exchange page. Now wallets with 0 balance are displayed at the end of the list.

  • Updated Select all funds switch on the Exchange page.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue due to which when exchanging, the transfer amount was not validated and could be indicated less than the available funds on the wallet.

  • Fixed an issue due to which the exchange became unavailable after rates update.

  • Fixed an issue due to which it was possible to create a custom token with alpha code of the existing currency.

  • Fixed an issue which caused 500 error when filtering deposits and payouts.

June 22, 2021

New Features

  • Binance Smart Chain Support

    Now it is possible to create wallets in BSC.

  • Duplicating Wallets

    It is now possible to generate the same addresses in two different currencies. This may be useful when the payer is sending money on the wrong blockchain. For example, instead of paying 10 ETH to the A1 address, 10 BSC were sent to the A1 address. The option is available for wallets that support duplication in the Wallet Settings section.

  • Duplicating Deposits

    After duplicating a wallet when creating a deposit on one wallet, it becomes possible to clone it to a second wallet, if that second wallet is a clone of the first one. The option is available on the Create a Deposit page, when choosing duplicate in the address type and selecting the required deposit ID from the list.

  • New Transfer Type

    Side collecting funds on wallet is the amount of deposit that was previously canceled because of a small amount and then debited to your wallet along with another valid transfer.

  • New Stablecoins Support

    New stablecoins were added: PAX, DAI, TUSD, BUSD.


  • For BNB-BSC wallets, a notification has been added about the need to top-up the balance to activate the wallet.

  • Invoice updates. For all tokens, the link is now generated not by the token currency, but by the parent currency.

Updating Nodes

  • DASH node was updated to version 16.1.1.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect login when saving credentials in the browser.

  • Fixed an issue due to which the Stellar icon did not change when switching theme from dark to light.

April 19, 2021

  • Integration with Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens has been made. Now you can exchange and create wallets, deposits, withdrawals using new currency. The system collects tokens from deposit addresses in one place via smart contract. That significantly reduces the costs of token processing for the client. Integration with Ethereum also includes the possibility of replacing a payout by fee from the personal area in case it’s stucked due to low blockchain fee.

  • Working with ERC-20 tokens, as well as with OMNI tokens, is available to all enterprises. Through the client’s office, you can add your token, pay processing fee from any of your wallets and start accepting tokens after confirmation of payment in the blockchain. The owner can specify any alpha code for custom token so that it is displayed on the payment pages. From your personal account at any time you can change the payment wallet or refuse to pay next month.

  • The registration form is now unified for all types of clients and contains fields where the user needs to enter information about himself in full. This will help our sales team and account managers to get in touch with the client faster and prepare everything to start working with the payment system.